Prepare for the Unexpected

During a hospital stay, persons with dementia are at higher risk for falls, dehydration, malnutrition, and untreated pain.  Caregivers try to maintain 24-hour presence, but bad things happen because hospitals generally don’t speak Alzheimer's.

Thoughtful Hospitalization™ will build your skills and confidence in how to navigate the stay.

Thoughtful Hospitalization
Thoughtful Hospitalization

Workshops That Prioritize Planning

We offer a 90-minute workshop for caregivers of persons with dementia to help you prepare for both unexpected and planned hospital visits and to prepare for transitions in care.

Professional Caregivers

If you are a professional caregiver for people with Alzheimer's and want to help your clients know what to do to prevent hospitalization and navigate discharge / post-hospital care, we at Thoughtful Hospitalization™ offer you helpful resources. 

Thoughtful Hospitalization
Thoughtful Hospitalization

Family Caregivers

For family caregivers, we provide resources on how to care for someone in the hospital, out of the hospital, resources on support, and about the things to bring when going to the hospital for the patient and yourself.

Our Thoughtful Hospitalization™ workshop teaches you how to tactfully help bring hospital caregivers onto your team.